About Medical Mysteries

A cooperative medical mystery game

Welcome to Medical Mysteries the game. Work together as a team to unravel mysterious medical cases and help your patients survive the night. The clock is ticking, so make sure you make the right decisions to save your patient. Each box contains four different patients, taking you about 60 minutes to solve the mystery.

Working together is the key to success in this exciting game, and the fun part is that you don’t need any medical knowledge to play this game! Each game consists of three stages which you can find below:

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Phase 1: Research

Investigate your patient’s mysterious medical symptoms and review their medical history to discover hidden clues.

Phase 2: Diagnose

Work together to diagnose the conditions. Follow directions, run tests, consult specialists and trust your instincts.

Phase 3: Treat

Make the right treatment choices to help your patients get through the night. Then work to determine the underlying cause.

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